Sunday, February 18, 2007

Administrative Note

This blog was started back in the day by our friend Jules, as a collaborative forum, with 30 folks signing up as contributors. Since that time, change has proven to be the only constant, and very few of those original 30 still contribute, or even post comments.

Bowing to the impermanent nature of the universe and the principal of dependent origination, I am about to clean out the contributor list.

In the past four months, there have been seven contributors that have posted on the main board: Brad, Oxeye, DB, PA, Dan, Me, Anatman.

If you are not on that list, and you wish to retain contributor status, now is your chance to do so... All you need to do is post some thoughts, ramblings, or whathaveyou on the main board to retain your contributor status.

In two weeks, I will update the contributor list to include only those that have posted to the main board at least once over the past four months... Does this sound fair?

This will then make room for new contributors that would like access to the main board.

So.... If you have posted in the Comments section at some point over the past four months and would like to have access to the main board as a contributor, send your blogger ID and your email address to: flappingmouths[at]yahoo[dotcom], and I will have the admin tool send you an invitation to participate as a contributor.

Make sure to send your information within the next two weeks, as the email address above will self destruct within two weeks, taking out the spam spiders that will have infested it by then.


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