Monday, May 26, 2008

Delusion? Conceptualization?

Ceasing conceptualization frees you from attachment to objects, illumination of wisdom frees you from attachment to no objects. To hold any view of objective reality is delusion based on conceptualization; to hold a view of no objective reality is delusion based on conceptualization.
~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing



At May 26, 2008, Blogger Jordan said...

Indeed, and what of the subjective?

At May 26, 2008, Blogger Ted Biringer said...

Without objects, where could subjects be found?

At May 26, 2008, Blogger Jordan said...

Mind. But that is not my question.
there is objective reality and subjective reality.
never mind.


At June 19, 2008, Blogger Gimmal said...

attachment to objects, attachment to no objects, it is attachment in both situations.

to hold a view -- I do not know if the language of the original text would say "holding" like attachment, or else "holding" as in any sense of possession, or if it would say otherwise.

To not be attached to a view, in any way, while not being mindless of the situation, is it not to clear of the clouds that obscure the moon in the water?

(NB: I'm not sure if a comment I'd tried to make, to this effect, yesterday, if it had made it through or not. The network can be awfully sketchy, over at this node on the internet. I'll take it that it did not make it through, but perhaps I am wrong there. I offer an apology, if this sounds like a re-post, then. I am not currently aware of the status of the original post.)


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