Monday, March 05, 2007

Whats Flapping?

When I was invited to contribute to Flapping Mouths I was pretty excited.
Someone thought I could write!
This surprised me because in High school I was horrible in English class.
Culminating my High School experience by repeating 11th grade English in my 12th grade year.

Now that I am here I have had a problem coming up with something decent to put up here that has not already been said. Previous contributors did a fine job but allot of them are gone and the folks that are left and even us newbies have there own stuff to do and that's fine.

I would hate to see this forum die. I have found it a valuable source of dialog and though provoking comments. On the other hand I find myself at a loss to contribute anything meaningful to this forum so I begin to question if I should even be here.

So here is my feeble attempt at starting some topics.

1. I would like to hear every body's thoughts on the Wanderling, I think he has set up an amazing intricate web nebula that I can get lost in constantly.

2. The T.A.T. foundation, along with Richard Rose dose anyone have any experience with this? I am on the left coast so they are a bit out of reach but their web presence seems intriguing.

3. Anyone else feel free to pitch in here and say "hey what do Y'all think of this?"

May you be well and happy!


At March 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

while we're on the subject of posting on flapping mouths, i was a little suprised to see i'd been removed from the contributor's list. i know i havent written anything dfor a while but i still might want to at some point. i quite enjoyed being a conrtributor on a blog. it spoke to my inner nerd. can i be put back onto the list please anatman? :¬)

At March 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

J (wot no Turtle):

Some of the Wanderling's stuff is waaay to technical for me but I have found a lot of it to be extremely useful.

At March 05, 2007, Blogger Anatman said...

Hi Jordan:

Thanks for the post. I read quite a bit of The Wanderling's writing around 1999. At that time, I found it very intriguing. Much of his writing about Buddhism was helpful, but at the same time I was skeptical about his apparent fascination with esoteric, "new age" type topics like Carlos Castaneda, shamanism, UFOs, etc.

I also have to wonder why he seems to want to build an aura of mystique around himself, and why he seems to promote the idea of "ultimate enlightenment."

I think I remember reading an article he wrote that included a list of modern enlightened people. The list included (I think) the late Suzanne Segal, who had a decent following at some point, and wrote a book about her experience. However, I seem to recall that shortly before her death, it was discovered that she had a massive tumor growing in her brain, and that was causing her feelings of disassociation.

As her cancer progressed, she lost her experience of "enlightenment."

According to those who knew her she was a kind, loving woman.

At March 05, 2007, Blogger Anatman said...

Hi Daniel:

In the spirit of collaboration, and to keep things from getting stale, I felt it was appropriate to remove "contributors" that had not contributed in several months, and make room for folks who were reading and commenting regularly.

It would be wonderful to have you back, if you are up for it.

If so, please follow the instructions posted under "Adminstrative Note" on Sunday, February 18th, as I do not have your email address on file (this is needed to re-add you as a contributor).


Flapping Mouths Admin

At March 05, 2007, Blogger oxeye said...

jordan - I remember reading in the papers about richard rose and his feuds with the WV hare krishnas in the 70s. I have a couple of copies of his book "the albigen papers" boxed away somewhere. I can send you one if you want.

At March 06, 2007, Blogger gniz said...

I have some of Richard Rose's work also. Found it interesting, but its mostly intellectual gymnastics.

There's also a really cool online book called "After The Absolute" which was written by a student of Rose's, David Gold. Really good read and free!

At March 06, 2007, Blogger gniz said...

PS The book is actually a vivid account of Gold's time studying under Rose.

At March 06, 2007, Blogger MudderPugger said...

This is a funny situation here.
We have a buncha people who really wanna talk about something (or maybe, about Nothing), but don't have anything to say.

Emptiness can be a bitch, eh?

Let's just talk about pussy and maybe we can sneak in some Buddhist bullshit somewhere....

At March 06, 2007, Blogger gniz said...


You sum it up nicely.
Mike Doe, Jordan, and myself all have blogs that discuss just such things as pussy and buddhism.

Check em out!

At March 06, 2007, Blogger SlowZen said...

Mikedoe & Anatman,

Thanks for your comments about the Wanderling. When I get to the UFO and Shamanism stuff I guess I tend to glaze over it. I hadn't really thought much about the Ultimate enlightenment stuff.

Oxeye & Aaron, I am really liking what I have read about Richard Rose and I would love a copy of that book. My e-mail is in my profile; just put Tortoise in the subject line to get past the spam blockers.


MudderPugger, Are you a Pigface fan?

May you all be well and happy!


At March 06, 2007, Blogger Anatman said...


Really, though, what are you trying to say? Heh.

Ironic, aint it? Yet oddly appropriate. The name "flapping mouths" sums it up.

At March 06, 2007, Blogger gniz said...

Jordan, here's the link to the online book. Very good read:

At March 06, 2007, Blogger SlowZen said...

Aaron, Thank you. I have allready started on it.



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