Saturday, March 18, 2006

just one more!

well i know that a fair few were getting tired of the poetry thing but i liked it. so anyway i just couldn't resist putting one more up:

See my speech on its own won’t change your beliefs
Say the least only hope to achieve a reprieve from the fiend
Cos the fiend comes between the means to see peace
Cogs of machine get greased when we weap.
I make a clean sweep
New break, heartache, between sheets I shake like an earth quake
All born naked on our birthday
We’re all the same
To think otherwise is purely man made it fans flames
Breathe in smoke choke and feel a bad taste in the back of your throat like hash cakes
In a bad state
You know it doesn’t really have to be that way
Oh see that day walked down the path cast the past away still half awake
Wearing a half made mask of plaster clay I clasp palms together and start to pray that darkness May just start to fade.


At March 19, 2006, Blogger Justin said...

In many ways, poetry has less limitations than ordinary language in what it can express.

I missed the whole 'Zen is against poetry' thing. Doesn't sound quite right to me.

Basho; Rumi; even Nagarjuna wrote in verse.


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