Friday, November 30, 2007

Empty but for one star

Imagine the following scene:

A totally empty universe except for a single star.

Read the first comment to see why I find this exercise interesting

Sunday, November 04, 2007

RE: From the Wanderling

Hello Flappers, if there ae any of you left out there. This blog dose appear to be dead. So sad as it was once so good but we all wanted to do our own things as well.

Anyway... I want to touch on something that I brought up back in March, the last time I thought this forum was dieing. The Wanderling, He actualy contacted me about that post in particular.

On March 05, 2007 you responded to an invition to contribute to Flapping Mouths, stating you were pretty excited for the invitation. You then went on to suggesting a few topics of which one went like:

"I would like to hear every body's thoughts on the Wanderling, I think he has set up an amazing intricate web nebula that I can get lost in constantly."

That same day MikeDoe responded with:

"Some of the Wanderling's stuff is waaay to technical for me but I have found a lot of it to be extremely useful."

Followed by another reply from Anatman who wrote:

"Thanks for the post. I read quite a bit of The Wanderling's writing around 1999. At that time, I found it very intriguing. Much of his writing about Buddhism was helpful, but at the same time I was skeptical about his apparent fascination with esoteric, "new age" type topics like Carlos Castaneda, shamanism, UFOs, etc."

"I also have to wonder why he seems to want to build an aura of mystique around himself, and why he seems to promote the idea of "ultimate enlightenment."

If interested, for your own personal edification, a semi-clarification could be in the offering.

Bowing in deference,


When it comes to navigating the links I tend to think that you will find whatever you are looking for. I was never interested in UFO's so I click right past them. No harm done. If you are looking for ultimate enlightenment, you will find it in the Wanderlings links and if it is not what you thought it would be, you will likely be disappointed.

Any how, for those interested in the what the Wandering has to say on just about anything just go to good ole' Google type "Wanderling" and the subject you are interested in. Or just sit in Zazen and you will figure out the important stuff for yourself eventually anyway.

May all be well and happy,