Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dimentia 13 LIVE in Santa Monica April Fool's Day

In case any of you flappers are in So Cal this coming Saturday, April 1st, Twenty-ought-six, please come by the Church in Ocean Park at the corner of Hill and Main Streets in Santa Monica at 7 PM to see the first performance in 13 years by my psychedelic band DIMENTIA 13!!! This looks like it'll be a one-off show, so if you miss it, you'll be waiting another thirteen years to see the band in action again. Also featured will be the all-female African percussion group (yum...) ADAAWE. Go to my webpage (linked to my blog which is linked to here, the church is right next to the Hill Street Center, so the map there is good for both)

The show is a benefit to support the Hill Street Center, which is the place where I hold my weekly Zazen classes (Saturdays at 9:45AM till Noon, three people showed up yesterday, where are all those people who get all uptight about my rantings when it comes down to the real business????).

There will also be a raffle to which I've been asked to contribute a prize. Who knows? Maybe I'll give out Certificates of Enlightenment to random winners!!! A 40 dollar value!! Be there or be in Samsara, mo'fo's!!


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Well, how did it go?


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