Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hi there. I put something new on my blog (hardcorezen.blogspot.com).

I'm leaving the comments section closed for now. It was just getting to be too much to deal with. I felt an obligation to monitor it, keep spammers off, and try and keep the tone of the thing generally nice by writing counteractive material whenever things became too hairy in there. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't know if there ever was much point to doing it anyway. Blogs seem to be places for people to vent their spleens in public. I don't get into mopping up people's spleen juice.

I'm not gonna post here every time I post there. But if anyone here feels like re-posting stuff from my blog to this one & letting people comment, be my guest. I won't be reading the comments. So if you have anything burning you feel like telling me, you can send an e-mail. But be aware I get truckloads of e-mails from people I've never met, so it's hard to keep up with that stuff.


At April 18, 2006, Blogger MikeDoe said...

I want to focus on just the ANS (Autonomous Nervous System) from Gudo Nishijima's answers.

I am in an interesting position. My 'natural' state is for my ANS to be out of balance - in Chinese terms I run too hot. This manifests itself as Acne. I am way beyond the age where Acne is 'normal'.

If I do an hour or two of deep Zazen every day then the Acne clears up. If I stop then it returns. Nothing else is anywhere near as effective as Zazen.

So, I therefore have available to me an objective method to determine whether or not my ANS is in balance.

When it is in balance I have a slight tendency to feel more calm, more relaxed and more happy. But I emphasise this is a slight tendency.

I can however find no correlation between the state of my ANS (with Acne as a marker) and any of the other things that Gudo Nishijima claims arise BECAUSE OF a balanced ANS. They seem to me in my experience to be effectively independent of the state of my ANS.

So, instead I would suggest the following:

1. Yes, Zazen does result in bringing the ANS into balance.

2. An openness of mind and spirit arises as a result of meditation/Zazen and it is this that causes the other changes that Gudo Nishijima explains.

Why am I making the distinction?

Because, I KNOW that my own ANS only returns to balance after I do a deep meditation. I also KNOW that doing any meditation at all facilitates the openness of mind and spirit and that this second thing does not requiresuch a deep meditation.

Of course, this is my experience. Others may have different experiences.

At April 18, 2006, Blogger oxeye said...

good stuff Brad. Thanks for sharing.


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